Colour 02 Goat

File: colour02Goat.docx
Format: A4 horizontal, 1 page- doesn’t look right before download
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Description: make your own task for your learners. This file works best in a downloaded Word.
The drawing is placed on the background page. Textboxes are on the foreground page.
Double-click on xxxx and type (DO NOT DELETE BEFORE TYPING.). How to make a task: download, print and colour = visual correct answer page. Be aware how many colurs you use. Every colour is one type of task. Count how the times you use every colour and write it down. Type the colours right of the drawing and the definition that fits that colour e.g.: Colour: green task: noun in the singular. Continue with all colours and tasks. Then it’s time to fill out the drawing. ClickClick on xxxx and type (DO NOT DELETE BEFORE TYPING). Save the file. Print (e.g. in half size) and give it to your learners.
Be aware that textboxes are in different sizes.

You can see the full pdf-file below this. You can also download the file: use the link under the viewing to the left.
Thank you for using my material, I hope you like it.
Please respect my rights – e.g. don’t erase my websites name on my materials.

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